" a fatherless to the Father "

YES Daddy Internship


“ In Elementary school, my father passed away and my mother ran way from me one day, so I ended up living alone with my grandmother until adulthood. However after a childhood of suffering from rejection, I began a new life through Jesus Christ whom I met at the YES Daddy Organization, when I joined the YES Daddy Internship Program. I eventually served in the Sunday school as a teacher/evangelist at the Y.E.S Church in Jeju Island ,and I graduated from Jeju International University in early childhood education. I also serve in the YES Daddy accounting department. I shared my life story of how God blessed my life through the YES Daddy Internship Program on the Korean Christian Television Network, CBS. If you want to make a new leap in life you are welcome to join in the YES Daddy Internship program. Contact us anytime!”

Y.E.S Daddy

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