" a fatherless to the Father "


YES Daddy Orphan International School

(Emmanuel International Christian Collegiate School)

From 2018 the YES Daddy Orphan International School is accepting enrolments from students residing in orphanages around the world.

We are working with our partner orphanages in 4 continents to bring children and young people to our school, located in beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea.

Our school principal, Mr. Stuart Stocker, has been working in education and law for over 25 years in a number of countries, and is he is committed to providing a Christ-centred International school program to all of our students.

Our academic curriculum is one of only two truly International School Programs and it is recognised by universities, including Ivy League universities in the USA, UK and in over 90 countries world wide.



-To provide a caring and loving transformative Christ-Centred learning environment to all students.

-To fascillitate the power of God working in our student’s lives, so that they become “Servant Global Leaders”, who are well prepared with all the knowledge and wisdom that is required for them to go out into the world and to serve in God’s kingdom

-To allow God’s Grace to work in the lives of our students so that they grow a heart for bringing the other people around them to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.



Within our International School program there is a heavy focus on Science, Technolgy, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics in line with the STEAM curriculm as well as a large focus on Physical education English as a second language.

All of our students are non native english speakers, and our International School program is delivered in the english language. So it is essential for the success of our students in the subject content areas of Maths, Science, history etc. that our school has an ‘English as a Second Language (ESL)’ department that seamlessly tailors and connects its ESL English program to all of the subject content areas that students are studying.

Over 5 years of research has gone into the question of how best to deliver an academic school curiculum, that is taught using only the English language, to students whose mother tongue is not english, yet guarantees a stress-free environment that leads to success in all subjects for all students.

We believe we have found the answer to that question ,and we have designed an ESL department that can assist our students to succeed in a learning environment that is so heaviliy dependent on English language skill level. Our Unique ESL program is tailored to each student’s English language level and has been designed to limit the affect of low English skills playing a negative role in the attainment of academic success in the core academic school subjects.

ALL students, no matter the differences in English Language skill are provided with a level playing field that makes it easier for them to have a positive and successful learning experience at our school.



All of Our teaching staff and department directors are all experienced, qualified professionals who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have all received ongoing ‘Discipleship Tring’ from our school’s resident Pastor.

Our educators are also trained in the best methods of how to deliver an International school program, taught in the English language, to elementary and High school students whose first language is not english.

They are experts within their own fields and in delivering methods that address the issue of ‘how to best create an environment of academic success in such a unique learning environment with all its challenges.

All of our staff have undergone workshops in the Christian based ‘Teaching for Transformation’ program, that our school runs in tandem with our international academic program.


Academic Departments Directors:

Foreign Language Department/ History Department Director:- Mrs. Jade Lee

Mathematics and Science Department Director:- Mr. Eric Park

Arts and Humanities Department Director:- Mrs. Sunny Lee

English Department Director:- Mr. Stuart Stocker

Y.E.S Daddy

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