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Ways to Support

  1. 911 Prayer Support: The YES Daddy ministry sends out prayer requests each month to ‘YES Daddy Prayer Warriors’ situated around the world. Prayer warriors pray for nine (9) minutes, once (1) each day(1).

  2. Go-In Internship: University students and graduates can serve in the YES Daddy mission at our partner orphanages and can assist by using the knowledge and skills they have developed through their university studies. The duration of the Go-In Internship Program is for 3months, 6months and 1year.

  3. Volunteers: Currently we are seeking applicants for the part-time positions of Volunteer Co-ordinater and Development Officer. For more details of the positions see www.christianvolunteering.org (see ‘Volunteers).

  4. Volunteering positions are open to all people over 18 who are cleared by a National Criminal History check from their home country. All our volunteers are expected to join ‘YES Daddy’s Volunteer Orientation Training Program’ that equips our volunteers with the education, information and skills required for working in Orphanages with young children and youth.

  5. English Teachers: All native english speakers with a college degree are welcome to join our English Camps located in countries around the world such as South Korea, Cambodia and more.




  1. YES Daddy’s Loving Host Family Program:

This program is open to Christian families who wish to open their hearts and homes and welcome an orphan into their family, sharing their family love . YES Daddy requires all members of the host family over the age of 16 years old to undergo a criminal background check. Host families are also required to provide references from elders of their church. An orientation program is provided to all host families to assist them with hosting the child. Each host family bears the cost of the child’s airfare and all of the living costs of the host child. (For more details please contact us via email.)

Host family members enjoy a life changing experience when they share their love and home with a child from a different nation, who speaks a different language, is from a totally different culture and who is desperate to experience a nurturing and loving family environment.

Financial Donation:

-Ongoing Periodic donations: Set a certain amount for each month and donate periodically. Donations allow for YES Daddy to continue to provide life changing programs and services to vulnerable orphans.

-Temporary and One-Off Donations: You may donate temporarily for a period of time or donate once for a particular program, project or service you that you may be interested in. For example:

1. Global Outreach Program- particulary English camps 2. International School

3. YES Daddy Dormitory (for Interns and International School students)

4. Go-Out Intern Program-(4 month experience in an orphanage overseas)

Y.E.S Daddy

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