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Christian Churches, Organizations and individuals who recommend YES Daddy and continue to support us.

Pastor Kil Won Song – Representative of HI Family/Chairman of Happy Energy/Associate Pastor of Sa-Rang Church
South Korea still has the dishonorable reputation of being the number one exporter of orphans worldwide. These young people in South Korea living in orphanages are no longer war orphans, but orphans caused by tough living and divorce. The people who need to wipe their tears are us, Koreans. They need the hands of Mordecai that lifted up Esther, who was once an orphan, not just mere life support and assistance. YES Daddy, please be their guide and mentor. It is time that we do not hold back any support towards YES Daddy and Pastor John Kim who has dedicated his entire life to this orphan ministry.”


Senior Pastor Sang Bok Kim – Hallelujah Church
Pastor Kim will create new history, new culture, and new spirituality in the region of Jeju island, South Korea and worldwide. I congratulate him with all of my heart and I pray that God’s grace will be abundant in YES Daddy.”


Pastor Man Poong Kim – Washington Global Mission Church

I bless that God will be with YES Daddy and produce miraculous fruits of the ministry will bear starting from Jeju Island across the Korean peninsula, and around the world.”


Senior Pastor Dong Won Lee – Global Mission Church
There is a beautiful church called YES Church, in Jeju Island, South Korea that has a vision for Orphans. This vision is being realized through a wonderful ministry called YES Daddy also located in Jeju Island, South Korea. I pray that YES Church and YES Daddy will carry on ministering to orphans, that are a marginalized community and YES Daddy can continue to be a safe haven for them .”


Pastor Hong Joon Choi – Hosanna Church
Because of YES Daddy Jeju Island is getting great blessings and God’s Grace and blessings are overflowing in South Korea. I congratulate Pastor Kim and YES Daddy.”


Pastor Jung Hyun Oh – Sarang Church
Pastor John Kim has a special calling and a fire that moves all. He has been trained in the United States and growing up in a family of pastors, he grew up dreaming of God’s Kingdom. I expect seeds to start being sown with that calling and dreams. Please bless him and the YES Daddy ministry.”


Senior Pastor Jong Yoon Lee – Seoul Church
“All members of our church are proud of Pastor John Kim, YES Church Jeju Island and the YES Daddy orphan ministry.” Churches that are proud of their ministers receiving blessings. I have no doubt that this church will be blessed.


Senior Pastor Dong Heui Lee – Jeonju Antioch Church
I consider it one of my greatest memories in life and an honor to have come to YES Church. There are so many orphans and forgotten dark corners of youth ministries, so I am so thankful when I see fruits bearing from the ministries confidently done by YES Church. I pray that there will be greater blessings done in God’s grace and His will. Thank You. Love you.”


Dr. Lillback – Chancellor of Westminster Theological Seminary
As a fellow alum from Westminster Theological Seminary, I pray for the Holy Spirit’s blessings in the ministry of YES Daddy that Pastor John Kim is doing for God’s glory. I also pray that the power of the gospel will be added when sharing the good news with friends and neighbors. I really congratulate you and I pray for God’s blessings to be with you.”




Y.E.S Daddy

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