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YES Daddy supports orphans who grow up stigmatized and marginalized by society and young adults who have ‘aged- out’ and have left the orphanage.

YES Daddy’s programs have been carefully designed to address the particular unique needs of children and young adults who are living with issues of abandonment and rejection.

Through our Christian pastoral care, educational and training programs our young clients develop self esteem and a confidence through receiving Christ’s love on which foundation they become adjusted into society and grow up to be valuable members of the communities in which they serve.

YES Daddy’s programs and services fall under 3 broad areas.

  1. YES Daddy Internship (Support and Mentoring) Program

  2. Global Orphanage Outreach and Support Program

  3. YES Daddy Orphan International School.

YES Daddy Internship (Support and Mentoring) ”GO OUT” Program

This 5 year program assists orphans to successfully transition from childhood into adulthood by providing life-skills training, support services and christian based spiritual mentoring that are YES Daddy’s time-tested, proven, effective strategies tailored specifically to Orphans under 18 years of age and orphans ageing-out (turning 18 and required to move out of the orphanage).


These programs assist our clients to avoid engaging in high risk behavours that negatively impact their lives in the areas of health, well-being, education, finances and the criminal justice system.


The Internship program has three levels:

Freshman (1 year), Sophomore (2 years) and Senior (2 years).

After leaving their orphanages Interns are selected through recommendations from their respective orphanages, then following our strict application, and interview processes new interns begin their Freshman year. The first 8 months consist of training and mentoring at the YES Daddy main campus in Jeju Island, South Korea and then they go through the next 4 months of training at an international location, ( a third country) . During the training process, they are led to build their Christian faith through an exhaustive program

YES Daddy Interns transition out of childhood and into adulthood sucessfully with the assistance of YES Daddy’s loving mentoring and Christian based care and support programs and they become educated, trained, valuable ‘Servant-Leaders’ become grounded and disciplined in christian principles and a Holy Spirit driven christian way of life.

A. Global Orphanage Outreach and Support Program.

This diverse program is the vessel through which YES Daddy has been successful in building deep bonds of trust and friendship with partner orphanages and orphans worldwide.

YES Daddy’s committed pool of volunteers come from around the world to deploy a number of outreach programs.


  1. English Education Support Program – Hi Daddy

This program introduces native English speakers from the U.S. and other English speaking countries to be sent out to orphanages worldwide, as volunteers to work as an English teacher for at least 2 months or for at most a year. For example, volunteers from Princeton Seminary students from the U.S. went to 6 different orphanages in South Korea, Gyeongbuk and Jeonbuk regions and were in charge of English educations for over the course of 2 months. YES Daddy continues to cooperate with over 500 orphanages in 4 continents, in over 15 countries to provides YES Daddy’s English education program.


  1. Vision Trip to the U.S.

YES Daddy’s annual visit to the U.S. with selected orphans to provide them with an opportunity to experience a wider view of the world, as they transition into becoming global citizens.

While visiting major cities throughout the U.S. our students are required to participate in training, education and regular bible study.


  1. Summer & Winter English Camp

English & Spirituality Camp We run English and Christian -based Spirituality Camps every summer and winter.

A. Global Orphanage Outreach and Support Program.

  1. Summer English Camp Explosion for Orphanage (SECEO)


Every July to August, youth, college students, and young adults from around the world , in teams of 10 to 15 people are sent to one of YES Daddy’s partner orphanages located in South Asia, South America, North Asia and Eastern Europe, to lead Summer English Camps for one week. Members of Churches , particulary those in the Korean American communities in the U.S.A participate in this program and because the entire program is run in English, it helps children in the orphanages to learn English and to understand the culture of English speaking countries and plays a huge role in providing conviction in their salvation through Jesus Christ and their ongoing spiritual training through Bible studies. Participants from the U.S. pay for their own expenses (airfare and basic expenses) with the heart of missionaries , but during their stay, they stay at their designated orphanages where room and board are provided for them. Hosted by Yes Daddy since 2002 annually, this Summer Camp has been serving as a model for a continuous and consistent educational program that helps both children in the orphanages and participants worldwide to build relationships, making it both successful and fruitful.


  1. Winter Spiritual Revival (WSR)

We run spiritual training for about 100 orphans during the winter school vacation, so that these children and youth may be spiritually armed. For this particular training program, we invite the best instructors from around the world (including the U.S and South Korea) and run seminars and training focused on the Bible.

C. YES Daddy Orphan International School

From 2018 the YES Daddy Orphan International School located in Jeju Island, South Korea, is accepting enrolments from students residing in orphanages around the world.

We are working with our partner orphanages in 4 continents to bring children and young people to our school, located in beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea.

Our academic curriculum is one of only two truly International School Programs and it is recognised by universities, including Ivy League universities in the USA, UK and in over 90 countries world wide.


-To provide a caring and loving transformative Christ-Centred learning environment to all students.

-To fascillitate the power of God working in our student’s lives, so that they become “Servant Global Leaders”, who are well prepared with all the knowledge and wisdom that is required for them to go out into the world and to serve in God’s kingdom

-To allow God’s Grace to work in the lives of our students so that they grow a heart for bringing the other people around them to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

D. Education Research

We insist on building social interest in the plight of orphans and we seek to increase support through building relationships with governmental organizations, universities, orphanages and other related organizations worldwide, holding regular and periodic seminars and presentations of research papers, and actively supporting academic and research programs. We continue our research, particulary in the area of children who have aged out and left orphanages after the end of years of being institionalized in an orphanage for the purpose of providing the best programs and support to these vulnerable young people.

E. YES Daddy Internship ”GO -IN” Program

(for Adoptees, immigrants and university students and graduates)

Young adults who are adoptees, immigrants often struggle with an identity crisis that leads them into a life of addiction and crime. YES Daddy helps these young people find their identities and to help them have a loving heart towards their country of origin and the country they now reside in. We connect these young people to our partner orphanage facilities in their countries of origin, and through teaching English and working within our YES Daddy range of programs these young adults receive healing and gain a confidence in themselves which is life changing.

Y.E.S Daddy

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