" a fatherless to the Father "

아빠가 없는 자에게 하나님을!


YES Daddy는 아동복지시설로서 진정한 영적 부모를 찾아주게하는 비영리 기관입니다.

YES Daddy Internship (Support and Mentoring) ”GO OUT” Program

This 5 year program assists orphans to successfully transition from childhood into adulthood by providing life-skills training, support services and christian based spiritual mentoring that are YES Daddy’s time-tested, proven, effective strategies tailored specifically to Orphans under 18 years of age and orphans ageing-out (turning 18 and required to move out of the orphanage).


These programs assist our clients to avoid engaging in high risk behavours that negatively impact their lives in the areas of health, well-being, education, finances and the criminal justice system.


The Internship program has three levels:

Freshman (1 year), Sophomore (2 years) and Senior (2 years).

After leaving their orphanages Interns are selected through recommendations from their respective orphanages, then following our strict application, and interview processes new interns begin their Freshman year. The first 8 months consist of training and mentoring at the YES Daddy main campus in Jeju Island, South Korea and then they go through the next 4 months of training at an international location, ( a third country) . During the training process, they are led to build their Christian faith through an exhaustive program

YES Daddy Interns transition out of childhood and into adulthood sucessfully with the assistance of YES Daddy’s loving mentoring and Christian based care and support programs and they become educated, trained, valuable ‘Servant-Leaders’ become grounded and disciplined in christian principles and a Holy Spirit driven christian way of life.

Y.E.S Daddy

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