" a fatherless to the Father "

What we do

From the year 2000 until present, YES Daddy has been assisting society’s most vulnerable children and youth around the world to transform their lives and to become valuable members of a global society and feel a sense of belonging within a Christian community.

Self-sufficiency: YES Daddy goes beyond providing basic needs and benefits and seeks ways to provide spiritual, social, and emotional assistance to orphans who grow up in a marginalized environment to raise their self-esteem and to teach them how to lead a stable self-sufficient life.


Identity/Self-awareness: By sharing Christ’s love to orphans who have not experienced parental love, YES Daddy assists them to establish their identity with confidence as they grow as a member of a Christian community that goes beyond blood ties.


Vocational Training: YES Daddy develops and implements various efficient educational and vocational training programs so that youth and young adults from orphanages can actively advance into society and become leaders in their own fields.


Sponsorship: YES Daddy provides continuous and systematic sponsorship measures for orphans who are living in poor conditions and by pressing for greater social interest towards them.


Y.E.S Daddy

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