" a fatherless to the Father "


All of Our teaching staff and department directors are all experienced, qualified professionals who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have all received ongoing ‘Discipleship Tring’ from our school’s resident Pastor.

Our educators are also trained in the best methods of how to deliver an International school program, taught in the English language, to elementary and High school students whose first language is not english.

They are experts within their own fields and in delivering methods that address the issue of ‘how to best create an environment of academic success in such a unique learning environment with all its challenges.

All of our staff have undergone workshops in the Christian based ‘Teaching for Transformation’ program, that our school runs in tandem with our international academic program.


Academic Departments Directors:

Foreign Language Department/ History Department Director:- Mrs. Jade Lee

Mathematics and Science Department Director:- Mr. Eric Park

Arts and Humanities Department Director:- Mrs. Sunny Lee

English Department Director:- Mr. Stuart Stocker

Y.E.S Daddy

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